When you consider a franchise, you are buying into a proven business model. The trial and error associated with “learning as you go” has been eliminated. As a franchisee you’ll also receive training and ongoing support from industry experts. You won’t have any of that if you’re starting from scratch.

The total investment varies, as you can imagine. Location costs, legal requirements, build-out, equipment, staffing and other factors all play a roll. There is a standard franchising fee requirement, and the rest is variable.

The continuing services, or "royalty fee," is 10% of your net sales on Franchise Owned Company Operated model (FOCO). This fee entitles you to use the Angrezi Dhaba’s service mark, use of distinctive system, marketing assistance, ongoing business development and counseling, and other benefits that come with being Angrezi Dhaba’s franchisee.

The projects shown are the best estimates based on our previous experience from our existing operational outlets. As in any Business, there is an element of risk involved and the projected amount can be lower or higher and cannot be predicted 100% accurately. But we believe that the restaurant model is here to stay and our Franchisee is best suited to winning.

The initial term of the Franchise Agreement is 5 (five) years from the date the Franchise Agreement is signed. The franchise is renewable for another term providing you have complied with the provisions of the Franchise Agreement.

There is no specific experience required, although some business sense or related background can only help. Many of our existing franchisees were not experts in their field when they started. Remember, we provide thorough training and ongoing support. Our franchisees are never forced to 'go it alon';’.

Angrezi Dhaba provides continuous training and support for the life of your business. We have process updates in place to help you keep up with the latest trends in the marketplace.

Brand is going to provide complete support and end to end solution to franchisee from site selection to finalization the site with property owner, setting up the complete infrastructure at outlet, getting license and listing on aggregators platforms, vendor sourcing and management in local market, Manpower recruitment and train them, Marketing support, operation support, software support and many more.

Company provides complete support to franchisee in relation with raw material procurement. We have exclusive vendors or our manufacturing partners with US-FDA, ISO certification.

It all begins with a simple conversation. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing opportunity! Our Angrezi Dhaba franchising experts can answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. There is no obligation and no immediate decision is required.