It's More Fun In DHABA’s Compared To Typical Dine-In's

Loud laughter and good cheer are what you’ll find most commonly when big groups of family or friends get together for dining at dhabas. The charm is mostly in the simplicity of the approach and the ambiance at any Dhaba, isn’t it? While some may prefer the quiet and posh interiors of a restaurant to dine, others would love the excitement and camaraderie that is common to a Dhaba atmosphere. At Angrezi Dhaba in all our 4 outlets, one would find an eclectic atmosphere of appealing fusion which is palpable in the décor as well as the food.

Surely, most of you would agree that the very thought of going to a Dhaba at once uplifts the mood and relaxes you completely. For one, you wouldn’t have to bother with careful evening attire. You can walk in to one in an outfit that you are most comfortable in. Moreover the atmosphere at the Dhaba doesn’t require one to maintain perfect table etiquette at all times, as one would expect at a dine-in. Eating good food with your hands in a relaxed atmosphere definitely has its benefits. You enjoy the experience more, as you may feel free to express yourself, relax completely and take pleasure in spending good time with your near and dear ones. The generous portions and rich tastes also heighten the experience. Angrezi Dhaba, offers all that and more. With a menu that holds endless surprises, guests can delight their taste buds with a variety of dishes like Sichuan Vada Pav Burger and Spinach Cheddar Cheese Balls that are a magical fusion of Indian as well as global cuisine.

Some die-hard foodies feel that no matter how many 5 star hotels you eat, the satisfaction that you get from eating at a Dhaba is incomparable. There is a feeling of being served food that was exclusively made for you which is missing in a dine in. The hospitality also has a touch of personalization which makes the dining experience more memorable at a dhaba. At dine in, one may enjoy stylish hospitality but it cannot match up to the warmth of the Dhaba service.

Angrezi Dhaba is at your service in Dadar, Lower Parel, Mahalaxmi & Kharghar in order to bring the same fun and real Dhaba experience closer to the city dwellers of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. Most definitely this experience is a must try.