Why only cocktails? It's time India experiences A Fusion Dhaba!

"Rajma Bruschetta? Really?" you may ask and wonder what this new cuisine is all about. Well, Angrezi Dhaba was started purely for the love of food – both Dhaba style as well as some exciting global favorites resulting in the creation of an experience to remember forever. Moreover, it s not just about the exclusive and unique cuisine at the best Dhaba in Mumbai. We understand the love for Dhaba style food and ambiance is something one can realize only on road trips. Angrezi Dhaba bridges that gap by bringing the real Dhaba style dining to the middle of the city! Although with a difference; that is mouth watering fusion cuisine.

Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Why try the tried and tested always? Feed your sense of adventure. Go on a culinary journey like none other. For a dining experience that delights both the Indian preferences and the global taste buds, it has to be Angrezi Dhaba. From Chicken Sev Puri and Parmesan Kheema Hash Brown, to Banarasi Paan Kebab and Punjabi Tikka Tacos, this restaurant offers a treat for your taste buds like never before. The menu here has so much variety to offer, that there will always be something new to try in addition to those items that enter your list of favorites eventually. And while you are there, you might as well, take advantage of the Wholesale Theka. (Bar).

As crazy as can be.

This immense and quirky place could easily have a rickshaw driven to your table to serve you your order! Can you imagine that? A dhaba as spacious as that right here in Dadar! Or enjoying your delights with an amazing view of Mahalaxmi race course in all seasons at our Mahalaxmi outlet. Also, our other two outlets at Kharghar & Lower Parel is a must explore Dhaba. Dining experiences at Angrezi Dhaba are even more enjoyable when shared with your near and dear ones. We absolutely love to serve our signature dishes, no matter how big your group is. So visit us for lunch or dinner with your family and friends and be prepared to be surprised. Shocked, even.

Isn’t it just great that you no longer need to travel out of the city to visit the best Dhaba in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai? All you have to do is visit Angrezi Dhaba at any of our 4 outlets to enjoy your favorite cuisine!